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Praise for the New York Times Bestseller,
One Year to an Organized Life

“Making your New Year’s resolutions? If your goal is to finally clear the clutter, One Year to an Organized Life will break the task down week by week.”

“This 12-month guide offers the chronically messy a genuine sense of serenity.”
USA Today

“If this week-by-week guide to getting yourself organized won’t do the trick, give up.”

“This easy-to-use … domicile detox program will help you tackle every inch of your life.”
Women’s Health

“The perfect book for anyone wanting to find important papers instantly or have a navigable closet. Full of useful information for everyone, from the person who needs simply to clean a messy desk to the person requiring a whole new approach to life; highly recommended.”
Library Journal

Praise for Regina Leeds’
One Year to an Organized Work Life

“Use this guide to organize your office—and mind.”

“Readers should find plenty of smart, straightforward and rewarding ways to eliminate chaos from their work lives.”
Publishers Weekly (web exclusive)

“A practical resource for those in need of a complete organizational overhaul and for others who could use improvement in a few problematic areas.”

“Divided into 12 sections, one per month, this book walks readers though a series of easy-on-their-own steps that, taken together, create a system for workplace organization and a mindset to match it.”


Praise for One Year to an Organized Financial Life

“This is an excellent start to creating a solid financial foundation and future.”
Publishers Weekly

“From sticking to a budget to getting out of debt, One Year to an Organized Financial Life is essential and accessible.”
—Tucson Citizen

One Year to an Organized Financial Life is the portal to a lifelong practice of money clarity and order.”
—Atlantic City Weekly

“A nuts-and-bolts guide to organizing your files, paying your bills, and cutting costs and clutter…[Leeds’] advice is simple, practical, and essential…Calm and empowering, this handy guide is so well thought-out that just leafing through the pages might make you feel more in control.”
Boston Globe

“[An] absolutely marvelous book…[Leeds and Wild have] developed a deceptively simple (and extremely easy) method for whipping your whole life into shape…Invest in this guide, follow the advice of Leeds and Wild, and put your money to work for you.”
—Curled Up With a Good Book


Praise for One Year to an Organized Life with Baby

“Leeds covers it all. Week-by-week tasks provide clear, realistic goals for the determined mother-to-be, and some weeks involve simply thinking about organizing or creating routines. The emphasis here is on the difficult choices that have to be made, and the logistics behind making them. Leeds will likely change the thinking of many a wood-be parent: being organized is actually far easier than the alternative.”
Publishers Weekly (web exclusive)

“With her advice, future mothers and new moms will walk safely toward the Zen path of type-A personality nesting. A great gift and a great collection addition; enthusiastically recommended.”
Library Journal, starred review

“With impressive thoroughness, the authors pay attention to every possible topic…most of which new parents will not have thought of yet. Luckily, One Year does it for them.”

“If you need a serious organizational overhaul (or just some quick tips), this is the book for you.”
Pregnancy & Newborn Magazine