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Do you wish you could get organized…if you only had more time? Whether you’re facing a cluttered kitchen, piles of papers, or overstuffed closets, the idea of setting aside a weekend to tackle the disarray can seem overwhelming. The 8-Minute Organizer to the rescue!

In this simple guide, professional organizer Regina Leeds shows you how to streamline your life in quick sessions. With hundreds of systems, tasks, and tricks—from rapid closet rehab to dealing with incoming mail—The 8-Minute Organizer can help you take your home from chaos to sanctuary.

Set your timer for a:

Speed Elimination: limited time, maximum impact
Quickie: small changes that make a big difference
Basic 8: tasks you can accomplish in minutes
Ambitious 8: larger projects in short segments

Leeds keeps you motivated with a fresh perspective, tips on the best organizing products to use, and easy routines to keep your space inviting. An organized life can be yours—and momentum starts with just 8 minutes.

Kitchen Minutes • Bathroom Minutes
Bedroom MinutesPaper Clutter Minutes
Family Room Minutes
Kids’ Room MinutesMaintenance Rituals

The 8-Minute Organizer
Easy Solutions to Simplify Your Life in Your Spare Time

US $13.99 / CAN $16.50
ISBN: 9780738215716

Published by Da Capo Lifelong Books